Monday, June 21, 2010

Ways to Reduce Paper Consumption

Paper products are one of the easiest items to recycle.
Here's a few ways to reduce your paper use and save a few trees:

Choose recycled paper products. Everything from recycled office paper to recycled toilet paper is available at local grocery stores.

Replace your paper napkins with cloth napkins, and your paper plates with regular dishes.

Sign up for e-statements and pay your bills online. It saves you money because you won't have to buy as many envelopes, stamps, and checks.

Use cloths instead of paper towels. A product called SKOY cloth saves 15 rolls of paper towels. It can be reused and is machine washable.

Any other green ideas to save paper?
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  1. Use printer paper twice. Many times we print things (maps, coupons) that don't need to be printed on blank paper. I print on the back of previously printed sheets of paper. Caution: make sure you don't re-use paper with sensitive or confidential information.

  2. At work, we get so many catalogs (especially Uline). Some companies send a new catalog along with every order. When placing an order, we request "No Catalogs" to save paper.

  3. judy said,
    For years my mother-in-law cut open envelopes to use for little grocery lists, etc.
    I now cut open bank money envelopes, store some in the car and purse, cut open envelopes from advertisements,bills,any mailings and use backside/ inside for note paper to send hubby into the grocery store,
    make a list for kids to order fast food etc.

  4. Remove yourself from phone directory distribution lists

  5. Sign up for e-statements and pay your bills online.

  6. Choose to receive your investment materials online. No more throwing away of a 200-page mutual fund prospectus that no one would ever read.

  7. Cards can be recycled to make gift cards.
    Tissue paper can be reused just iron it.

  8. Reuse bottles or recycle. Turn off things and unplug when not using.

  9. Send e-cards for a celebration(e-vite), a greeting, thank you, and all holidays.

    All save paper, time, and money.

  10. I place containers in strategic places - under our office desks, in the kitchen, in the dressing room, - all places where we might throw away office paper, catalogs, magazines, envelopes, etc. in order that we always are able to recycle paper and never throw it in the trash. Then on recycle day it is easy to collect the paper recyclables for the collection.

  11. Use your local library to save paper. They have books, newspapers, magazines. While you are there, you can drop off some "dead presidents" (paper money) that the library can reuse, too.

  12. Donate old kids books & used crayons to places that have a waiting room (where kids might have to wait with parents), such as the doctors, dentists, car dealer/mechanic, etc!