Monday, May 24, 2010

Having a picnic this Memorial Day?

Having a picnic this Memorial Day?

Here are some easy green tips and money saving coupons for your picnic:

Outdoor furniture
Clean with green and natural cleaning products instead of using toxic chemicals. Seventh Generation is a great product and has some good coupons available at

Create Less Waste
Use biodegradable utensils, bowls and cups to create less waste for your local landfill. Have guests write their names on the items so that they can be reused. Marcal has a new product line of napkins and paper towels that are 100% recycled. Their website has a coupon at or give guests reusable napkins so that they can be rewashed and used again.

Compost and use biodegradable trash bags
Use biodegradable plastic trash bags to clean up any surrounding trash. Ask your grocery store if they carry them or purchase them online at

Buy reusables
Compare a sponge to a roll of paper towels. One sponge may cost as little as $.99. A roll of paper towels runs around $1.99. But one sponge lasts as long as SEVENTEEN ROLLS of paper towels. You could save as much as $33 in paper towels before you have to throw the sponge away. Keep sponges fresh by washing in the dishwasher with the dishes or microwave on high heat for 30 seconds to kill germs. After doing a little research on sponges, there are tons of good, bad and ugly sponges out there - let us save you some reasearch and they are even on sale at Williams Sonoma.

You can have a fun, affordable and green Memorial Day weekend if you just commit yourself to earth-friendly practices.


  1. Put a separate container next to the trashcan for recycling. Use washable cloth napkins and don't use paper plates, plastic forks, etc. Buy reusable outdoor picnic plates & cups and use real utensils. It really doesn't take that much work to do the dishes and it will be cheaper in the long run, especially if you buy random plastic dishes from places like Goodwill or consignment shops.