Friday, August 13, 2010

Ways to Reduce Plastic Consumption

Because plastic is 100% non-biodegradable, plastic items that are used every day are finding their way into our water ways. Did you ever hear of the Great Pacific Garbage? It is not a pretty sight. Click here to see a video with photos. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page for U-tube video.)

Below are some tips to REDUCE your plastic consumption.

Bring your own cloth bags when shopping.

Don't buy beverage bottles in plastic - look for ones in glass bottles. If you purchase to-go coffee or hot drinks, bring your own reusable cup. When purchasing milk or orange juice at the grocery store, buy the ones in paper containers.

Pack waste-free lunches with Easy Lunch Boxes. These recyclable lunch box containers and cooler bags can be used for work or school lunches. These were tested by a staff member at the Conservancy and are great to use! Packing lunches are faster, and you just wash them and reuse. They make it simple to organize, and quickly pack healthy lunches without wasting time, money, paper or plastic.

Go to the farmer's market and purchase fresh fruits and veggies that are not packed in plastic.

Put empty cardboard boxes in your car to transport heavy items to and from your car without a bag.

Recycle all of your plastic that is allowed by your municipality. Check out the specialty recycling program with the County of Berks.

Any other green ideas to reduce using plastic?
Post them to our blog and you will be entered to win an Easy Lunch Box. One randomly selected entry will receive a FREE Lunch Box shipped to your home. Make sure you put your first name on the post and check back next Tuesday to see who won.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ways to Get Your Kids Outdoors

Plan and pack a picnic. Nothing says summer like eating outdoors!

Go on a nature walk/scavenger hunt. There are many trails in Berks County to go for a walk.

Try one new playground or park every week. Mix it up by visiting different parks and playgrounds in the Berks County area.

Designate one day every week when the family does not drive the car. Whether it is during the week or one day on the weekend, you can use alternate ways of transportation such as the bus, riding your bikes or walking.

Teach your kids about gardening. Kids love to watch things grow - whether it is flowers or vegetables and fruits.

Get some sidewalk chalk and make hop-scotch. Or just draw photos on the sidewalk.

Go camping. There are many resources in Berks County to camp. Bring games, go birdwatching or fishing, take some photographs of nature.