Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ways to Get Your Kids Outdoors

Plan and pack a picnic. Nothing says summer like eating outdoors!

Go on a nature walk/scavenger hunt. There are many trails in Berks County to go for a walk.

Try one new playground or park every week. Mix it up by visiting different parks and playgrounds in the Berks County area.

Designate one day every week when the family does not drive the car. Whether it is during the week or one day on the weekend, you can use alternate ways of transportation such as the bus, riding your bikes or walking.

Teach your kids about gardening. Kids love to watch things grow - whether it is flowers or vegetables and fruits.

Get some sidewalk chalk and make hop-scotch. Or just draw photos on the sidewalk.

Go camping. There are many resources in Berks County to camp. Bring games, go birdwatching or fishing, take some photographs of nature.


  1. Berks County's Walk (Bike or Roll) to School Day is October 6, 2010. For more help, just email info@walkbikeberks.org and we'll get you started on your Walk to School!

  2. My daughter loves going out in the backyard looking for frogs. Of course...she has to show me everyone she finds! :)

  3. One summer evening my daughters organized a neighborhood pet show, and all the kids brought their pets to the grassy triangle at the bottom of the hill. There were prizes for pets in different categories, and healthy snacks for kids and their families.

  4. Build an outhouse instead of 3.5 bathrooms per residence.

  5. Send them on a simple scavenger hunt in the backyard. I usually list 10 things for my 7 and 3 year olds to find - in most cases they get so interested in exploring they forget about the hunt and simply spend time digging, looking, & playing outside. Special prizes (like make your own ice cream sundae) are awards for completing the list!

  6. Judy said, as a young Cub Scout Den Mother, I planned a flash light hike( of course at night) in the local field where I knew it was safe. We listened for night sounds and star gazed.The boys (16 of them) truly enjoyed that event.

  7. We set up a badminton net and Lasso Golf in the backyard & have family tournaments after dinner.