Monday, February 22, 2010

Top Foods you should Buy Organic

When you go to the grocery store, there are many foods that you can buy organic. The cost can be more than double the price of conventional foods. Is it worth spending more when it comes to buying organic? According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), consumers can reduce their pesticide exposure by 80% by avoiding the most contaminated fruits and vegetables and eating only the cleanest.

Here's the Dirty Dozen:
Sweet Bell Peppers
Leafy Greens

Other organic foods worth considering:

When a stop to the grocery store "to pick up a few things" cost over $50, coupons help to try organic and save money on paying extra for healthier items.

Here are links to organic dairy products that offer coupons on their website. Just sign up and you gain access to download their coupons.


  1. If I am ever in the area, I ALWAYS go to Trader Joe's on Swedesford Road near King of Prussia and stock up some essentials. That doesn't happen too often though. Around here, I find my best selection of organic food at Giant in Shillington. For the most part, I think the cost is maybe 10-15% higher than other foods. They do have alot of specials - $2.00 frozen organic veggies and I think $1.00 canned veggies this week. Didn't look into the meat section yet. But I printed off the stonyfield coupons from the link in the blog and this will be my first Organic milk purchase. (Don't know if I can sneak it by my husband. We will see.) I will keep you posted!

  2. Don't forget to buy food from your local sustainble / organic farms. You can't get food any fresher than that and you are also helping to protect Berks County farmland by helping local farms to be profitable.

    Perhaps the Berks Conservancy would consider posting a directory of Berks County local sustainble / organic farms along with the products these farms offer in a future e-newsletter?