Thursday, November 19, 2009


We successfully launched our new “State of the Environment in Berks County” report this morning. Why a report and why now? Lately the world is all about “going green”. We can hardly turn on the television or pick up the paper without hearing the latest and greatest ways to conserve energy and protect our environment. However, “going green” without any specific goals in mind or sense of where we started will ultimately leave us wondering if our hard work and actions have truly made a difference. With the philosophy of “what gets measured, gets done” in mind, the Berks Conservancy has taken on the first comprehensive state of the environment report for Berks county. Through this report and its associated programs, the Conservancy seeks to raise awareness of conservation choices that Berks County residents and institutions can make that will improve the environment.

So how are we doing? Check out to view the report in it’s entirely and see how each of the 25 indicators were rated. Overall we give our community a Thumbs at 2 o’clock. Join the conversation on how we can continue to improve our environment and stay tuned as we share what others in the community are doing.


  1. Great presentation this morning! I hope we really start a movement towards a positive change in Berks County.

  2. Wonderful program and a great turnout which says much for the organization and Berks County. Keep up the good work!

  3. I didn't realize how little changes in my lifestyle can really make a difference in our community. Great information!